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  2. Mmmmm…sounds great. Do you think the sweetness will also depend on the sweetness of the citrus? Maybe not the lime so much, but the grapefruit? They can vary by variety and by individual. Also, whether the grapefruit juice is fresh-squeezed (directly from the fruit) or from a container which may have been sweetened.

    This is definitely a cool new blog.

  3. Thanks for your comment. I would suspect that it certainly could make a difference as to the citrus. We used fresh juice (have to love having a produce place on the way home from work). I will have to play around with the recipe to see if from time to time it does change. I am thinking I will put in about a tablespoon less syrup than I think I need, give it a shake and taste a little. Might be a reason for a follow up post (we really are cocktail geeks).

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  5. I admire your curiuosity, and applaud your experiments. We went through about 60 cocktail books and a bunch of websites and came up with 8 sets of ratios of the same ingredients, and tried them all. Except, there are two or three recipes that start “take the juice of half a grapefruit” – we’ll do those later this summer.

    We found the original La Floridita recipe way too dry, like you we found there was a point where both the grapefruit and maraschino liqueur (luxardo) were both there but not overwhelming.

    We recently shifted to using Flor De Cana white rum, which has more flavor than certain other famous white rums, so we may have to do the experiment over again (smile).

    We settled on
    * White Rum 1.5 oz
    * Maraschino Liqueur .75
    * Lime juice .75 oz
    * ruby (red) grapefruit juice .25

    You can read about your research if you click on my name.

    • Thanks for the tip about Flor de Cana. I made a regular daiquiri this weekend to try it out and I think we have a new standard light rum. It looks like your El Floridita daiquiri looks similar to the one I cam up with, except that there is a bit more Maraschino and the simple syrup is omitted, which probably makes more sense. I have also been thinking about tinkering with fresh grapefruit juice (my wife always has the boxed version for breakfast, so that’s always on hand). It’s funny that grapefruit juice is the only citrus that I don’t squeeze fresh. You seem to be pretty interesting in Rum. Have you read And a Bottle of Rum: A History of the New World in Ten Cocktails by Wayne Curtis? It’s a pretty good read.

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