4 comments on “The Sazerac

  1. A few places locally and the one place I ordered one in New Orleans (I had others at Tales, but only one at a bar proper) use instead of a sugar cube (about 1/4 oz simple) use a full ounce of simple syrup to 2 oz rye to make the drink more approachable. A good rye can handle that much sweetness, but it still is a different beast. Luckily, there are places here in Boston that can make it properly.

    • A number of cocktail books, including In the Land of Cocktails, call for simple syrup. I would think that it would make for a more consistent cocktail and would be much faster in a bar. The muddle sugar cube give a kind of weird, though not unpleasant, effect of the drink subtly changing in sweetness as you drink it. It’s the same effect you get with an old fashioned.

      Glad to know there are good places to get these in Boston. I would guess this drink would be a pretty good test for a bar. If they can make this without adding grenadine and raspberry schnapps, you are at a descent cocktail bar.


  2. I like that one of the steps in the recipe is: ‘Drink the absinthe’. I can’t believe people would pour it out!

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