4 comments on “The Blinker

    • Thanks for the recipe. Next time a have a grapefruit, I’ll have to give it a try. Any idea about lifespan in the fridge? I know simple syrup only lasts a month or so before getting fuzzy. I was actually thinking I could freeze teaspoon size aliquots (sorry, they scientist geekery tends to leak out). I figure you could and them to the rye and grapefruit juice before adding the ice and it would melt quickly. This would get around the fridge life problem.

      PS You mentioned Jerry Thomas’s book for your Knickerbocker recipe. I don’t know you have run across David Wondrich’s (of Esquire fame) version called Imbibe. He basically take Thomas’s book and provides more detailed commentary and more specific (and often more modern drier) quantities on drink recipes.

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  2. If you add the ounce vodka to each 12-16 oz bottle of syrup, it helps along with the sugar to preserve the syrup. Syrups this way can last over a year. And yes, I have both The Bon-vivant’s Companion and Imbibe!

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