3 comments on “El Presidente

    • The original recipe we tried was 1 1/2 oz. white rum, 1/2 oz. orange curacao, 3/4 oz. French vermouth and 1 dash grenadine We found this version a bit medicinal, which I attributed to the dry vermouth. I notice our version has a lot less Curaçao and am now wondering if the medicinal quality was the clash between the Curaçao and the dry vermouth. I suspect David Wondrich upped the amount of Vermouth de Chambery because it’s a lot lighter than dry vermouth. He likely dropped the amount of Curaçao to keep the drink from becoming too sweet. The results are pretty good, it’s just that there are too many other drinks I like better. Suppose it’s the embarrassment of riches.

      Cheers, Michael

      • I always forget that the world’s reaction to dry vermouth is not the same as my love of it. I also see less of a dynamic nature in the drink if it is 3 sweet things and 1 spirit, but you are not alone in hating the dry vermouth version.

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