4 comments on “The Blue Moon Cocktail

  1. If I’ve understood you right, the Emburry’s book contains the recipe of the Blue Moon with egg white, isn’t it? That sounds extremely interesting. Actually I’ve been a huge fan of cocktails (especially gin sours) with an egg white since I tasted a properly-shaken Clover Club some years ago. And I am a big fan of Aviation too. The combination of silky body of Clover Club and floral beauty of violet liqueur sounds yummy :) Could you write a recipe from the book? How much egg white they recommend to use?

  2. Interestingly, his basic recipe is 1 part Creme Yvette or Parfait Amour, 2 parts lemon juice and 8 parts gin. He off hand mentions that sometimes and egg white can be added (but then the drink must be shaken). He also mentions that in Paris he heard it called a Blue Bird and they used Blue Curacao.

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